Side Dishes

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Matzoh balls jumbo 6 pcs

$6.95 package

Sweet noodle pudding

$7.95 each

Potato pudding (4 to 6 portions)

$6.95 each

Spinach souffle

$6.95 each

Buffalo wings

$5.99 lb.

Egg barley and mushrooms

$3.95 lb.

Kasha varnishkes

$4.59 lb.

Carrot tzimmes w/pineapple

$5.95 lb.

Stuffed derma

$8.95 each

Roast red bliss potatoes

$3.99 lb.

Horseradish red or white

$2.50 each

Pickles sour or half sour

$.35 each

Chicken fingers w/sauce

$16.95 lb.

Large knishes

$3.75 each


.$7.99 qt.

Homemade organic cranberry sauce

$4.99 pint


$8.95 lb.

Challah with organic vegetables stuffing

$8.00 qt.



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