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Franks in Jackets

$6.95 dozen

Potato Latkes

$1.75 each

Miniature potato pancakes w/applesauce

$8.99 dozen

Polish sausage cubed - made with choice of chicken, organic beef, turkey, veal

$11.99 dozen

Polish sausage cubed - made with bison, venison or duck

$18.95 dozen

Vegetable Cutlet

$2.75 each

Spinach Cutlet

$2.75 each

Miniature vegetable cutlets

$10.79 dozen

Stuffed Potato Latkes w/Chicken

$3.00 each

Stuffed Cabbage w/chicken or beef

$4.95 each

Chicken Fricassee w/Meatballs

$7.59 lb.

Sweet and sour meatballs

$18.95 dz.

Swedish meatballs

$18.95 dz.

Quinoa meatballs - chicken, turkey, beef veal

$18.95 dz

Quinoa meatballs - venison, bison duck, lamb, pheasant, capon

$24.95 dz/


$6.99 1/2 lb.

Chopped Liver

$12.95 lb.

Miniature Knishes (potato, spinach, kasha, broccoli)

$5.99 dozen

Pastrami or corned beef wrapped pineapple

$18.95 dozen

Pastrami wrapped chicken livers

$24.95 dozen

Pastrami wrapped chicken fingers

$26.95 dozen

Corned beef wrapped chicken livers

$24.95 dozen

Corned beef wrapped chicken fingers

$26.95 dozen

Fried zucchini

$8.95 dozen

Breaded broccoli

$8.95 dozen

Breaded cauliflower

$8.95 dozen

Mini Stuffed cabbage (beef or chicken)

$18.95 dozen

Fried Meat Dumplings w/onions

$10.85 dozen

Stuffed Mushrooms vegetarian

$14.95 dozen

Honey dipped chicken wings - regular

$10.95 dozen

Honey dipped chicken wings jumbo

$16.95 dozen

Buffalo wings - regular

$10.99 dozen

Buffalo wings - jumbo

$16.95 dozen

Chicken fingers w/sauce

$15.95 dozen

Mini chicken or beef teriyaki kabobs

$26.95 dozen

Chicken nuggets

$10.95 dozen

Turkey or beef fry

$8.00 1/2 lb.


Franks in blankets


Vegetable cutlets


mini knishes


stuffed cabbage


turkey meatballs

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